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Cheers to Geez Louise Holiday Cocktails!

Sometimes you want to boost your bevy just a bit, so we partnered with The Commoner to create 3 delicious - and gorgeous! - Geez Louise cocktails for you to try at home as you slide into the holiday season.

Geez Louise Cantaloupe Mint Cocktail

Tipsy Winter Brunch - featuring Geez Louise Cantaloupe Mint

A slightly lower ABV on this one, thanks to the sake, so it’s perfect for a boozy holiday next day with pals!

1.5 oz sake 
0.5 oz ginger syrup
0.5 oz lime juice 
3 drops Ms. Better’s Cucumber Bitters
Geez Louise Cantaloupe Mint Prebiotic Sparkling Water

Build in a highball glass. Stir and top with Geez Louise Cantaloupe Mint sparkling water. Mint sprig garnish. 

Geez Louise Grapefruit Basil Cocktail

Garden Dreaming - featuring Geez Louise Grapefruit Basil

This one is light, refreshing, and reminiscent of a garden situation - floral, herbal and delightfully citrusy. If you’re done with December and dreaming of summer, this is your cocktail.

1 oz Gin
1 oz Lillet Blanc 
3 dashes Peach Bitters 
Geez Louise Grapefruit Basil Prebiotic Sparkling Water
Grapefruit Peel garnish

Combine gin, Lillet and peach bitters in a mixing glass. Stir for 25 revolutions. Pour into an ice-filled rocks glass. Add Geez Louise Grapefruit Basil sparkling water. Garnish with a fresh grapefruit peel.

Geez Louise Passionfruit Rosemary Cocktail

Santa’s Saturday Night - featuring Geez Louise Passionfruit Rosemary

This cocktail is a ton of ho-ho-holiday fun, with vibes of a classic rum punch. Santa is ready to party!

0.75 oz Spiced Rum
0.75 oz Amber Rum
0.5 oz Pineapple Juice
0.5 oz Lime Juice 
2 dashes of Tiki Bitters
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
Geez Louise Passionfruit Rosemary Prebiotic Sparkling Water

Shake all components except the sparkling water. Pour into a large chilled coupe. Fill to the top with Geez Louise Passionfruit Rosemary sparkling water. Garnish with a torched rosemary sprig.